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Best White Label CBD Company

Best White Label CBD Company

Why partner with Medical Mary for your private label company?

We know you have a choice when making a decision about which company to do business with as you start or develop your CBD business. You may have even considered one of our competitors—Green Roads CBD, for instance. Or maybe you glanced through the catalog of another CBD company. That’s okay by us. In fact, we encourage you to consider all your options because we’re absolutely confident that, in the end, you’ll find our Private Label program is hands down the best of the best.

White Label CBD

Here’s why:

We use only licensed, American grown hemp 100% THC free (Isolate & Broad Spectrum)  Less than 0.3% THC (Full Spectrum)  Batch tested to 98% purity (see our lab results) Bottled in FDA registered facilities Third-Party tested & verified Easy online ordering & tracking A wide range of innovative CBD products
If that’s not enough, we are the first and only company that infuses our CBD products with potent nutraceuticals for targeted health outcomes. This is an especially attractive feature to customers interested in the potential health benefits of CBD but also improving other aspects of their well-being.

3 things to consider when buying CBD from our Private Label program

1. Which products do you want to buy? We offer a diverse range of products so there’s a lot to choose from. Depending on the focus of your business and brand, you may only want to offer Full Spectrum CBD, which contains all the cannaboids in the hemp plant (there are over 100!). Or maybe you’re starting a healthful edibles company in which case you might be interested in out CBD gummies. Did you know we also offer vape pens, muscle rubs (great for the fitness business)?
2. How much CBD product do you want to buy? We offer excellent rates regardless of the size of your order, but, of course, the more you buy, the better the deal we can offer. This is true for wholesale too. As your business thrives and grows, we’ll be there every step of the way to meet the rising demand for your brand.
3. CBD is an excellent product for businesses to carry and offer, a great way to help people and make money doing it. The research on the potential myriad health benefits is promising to say the least. That said, CBD in any form is also a trickier product to market and sell because of the shifting and sometimes confusing laws regarding hemp extract in the USA. Our best piece of advice? Don’t make assumptions about where and how you can sell CBD. For instance, even though California, Colorado, and other states may have relaxed cannabis legislation, there still may be restrictions and limitations you need to know if you plan to stay within the bounds of law. The Federal Trade Commission is very serious about the kinds of health claims you can make about CBD so we highly suggest you consult their supplement advertising guidelines before putting together a marketing campaign.

What to do next?

Reach out to us! One of our Private Label consultants can go into detail about the program. We have lots of experience with Private Label clients and can show we can show you how to set up your business up step by step or make recommendations about which of our products will work best with your existing brand.

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