CBD Skincare

CBD and Skin Care: What you need to know

As the old saying goes, “Beauty is only skin deep.” This is true, of course, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of it the best we can. Keeping your skin healthy and vibrant as possible is as important as any other self-care focus important to you. We exercise to keep our hearts pumping efficiently and our muscles strong, but what can we do to keep our skin healthy, clear, and bright?

Well, there are many ways to do just that—from nutrient creams to serums to exfoliative products—but today we will focus on how CBD may be the central player in effective skin-care you’ve been looking for.


Skin is an organ, just like any other in your body. In fact, it’s the largest organ we have, covering about 20 square feet in total. And just like any other organ in our body, it has an important role to play in our health. The primary role of the skin is to protect us from the environment, everything from microbes to harsh weather.

It helps regulate our body temperature through sweat glands and gives us our sense of touch. Because the skin is a protective organ—our first line of defense in the world—it is vulnerable to some common conditions, some of which you are likely to have experienced. Rashes, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, just to mention a few.


CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural hemp-sourced compound known for potentially helping with many common ailments including pain and insomnia. One of the main conditions many people use it to treat is chronic anxiety. CBD does this through beneficial interactions with our endocannabinoid system which helps it manage our stress response by regulating homeostasis. In short, a regular daily dose of CBD may help significantly reduce anxiety. The less prolonged anxiety you experience, the better for your skin. We can do a lot for skin through topical means that treat the dermal layers directly, but this is not enough.

The crucial, deeper way to restore, enrich, and, yes, beautify our skin is by reducing the abrasive effect of anxiety we feel. This is why all Medical Mary skin-care products not only includes vitamins and essential oils, but also a therapeutic dose of our premium CBD. We believe the solution to skin health and natural glow must be addressed from the outside, but the inside as well.

Try one of the products from our Imperative line and see for yourself. It’s time to bring your skin back to life and Medical Mary is here to help you do just that.