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“Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans will feel symptoms of a common sleep disorder at some point in their lives. It’s estimated that a full 40 million Americans are suffering from sleep disorders and still haven’t been diagnosed.”

Sleep disorders start early too, with as many as two-thirds of all children experiencing one or more sleep problem at least a few nights a week (you were probably one of them).

You roll over in bed to glance at the clock, frustrated to see that it’s after 2am . . . after 3am . . . or worse . . .

The field of sleep science is constantly evolving to better understand the symptoms and causes in hopes of delivering solutions to provide relief, rest and natural rhythm to sufferers’ lives. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (ASM) was established in 1970 to provide a central headquarters for sleep science and research.

There are a wide variety of sleep-related disorders—from narcolepsy and insomnia to restless leg syndrome (RLS) — that keep millions of Americans from getting the rest and relaxation they need every night.

It goes without saying that these disorders can have a serious negative impact on one’s quality of life … From studies linking sleep apnea with heart disease and high blood pressure, to the damage done by grinding your teeth eight hours each night, the effects are real. Persistent, untreated insomnia has even been linked to major depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse.

Big Pharma’s answer to common sleep disorders have mostly been habit-forming tranquilizers—hardly providing sufficient relief for the majority of sufferers. It goes without saying that we need a better solution. And the first step to finding a solution for your sleeping trouble … is identifying exactly what KIND of sleeping trouble you’re having …

The Six Major Classes of Sleep Disorders

  • Insonmia
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Hypersomnolence
  • Circadian Rhythm Disorders
  • Parasomnias
  • Sleep-Related Movement Disorders

Insomnia is probably the most widely-known sleep disorder, and it refers to the inability to get meaningful amounts of sleep, on schedule and as needed. Depending on frequency and intensity, your insomnia may fall into one of 4 major categories.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders like Apnea—where your body momentarily stops breathing while asleep—are the second major class of sleep disorders. Often linked to snoring, Apnea can be related to serious health consequences and is worth immediate attention. These disorders can affect practically anyone at any age.

Hypersomnolence which commonly manifests itself in the form of narcolepsy is another category of sleep disorders that will—at the very least—leave you feeling exhausted and ready for bed in the middle of the day.

Circadian Rhythm Disorders
Circadian Rhythm Disorders refer to interruptions in our body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Jet Lag is a short-term Circadian Rhythm Disorder that results from traveling across multiple time zones and can leave you awake or drowsy at odd hours.

Parasomnias are unwanted physical movements or actions during sleep. These disorders are typically classified by whether they affect REM sleep, NREM sleep, or “other” Parasomnias. From sleep talking and sleep terrors to nightmare syndrome, these relatively acute conditions can be hard to deal with.

Sleep-Related Movement Disorders
Sleep-Related Movement Disorders are characterized by the simple and usually repetitive movements that can disrupt sleep or do lasting damage to the body. This is the class of tooth-grinding and restless leg syndrome.

As you can see, we’re dealing with a wide range of very serious disorders—some of them extremely acute—and each of them with their own unique causes. This is a harsh fact that Big Pharma has been taking advantage of for years …

With Regulators “Asleep at
the Wheel” Sleep Drugs Have
Become Big Pharma’s Goldmine

Just a few years after Ambien became a popular sleep aid across the United States, the horror stories started rolling in …

Former Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy crashed his car at 3am, saying that he was headed out to “vote” after taking a dose of Ambien. For others, blackout eating became a serious problem—ruining whole diets and hard-fought hours at the gym.

Back in 2012, the Mayo clinic committed not to prescribe Ambien to any more of its patients in Rochester Massachusetts. Other providers eventually followed suit.

These pills have been wildly successful because as you saw above millions of Americans are suffering from sleep disorders.

And what do we do when we have trouble sleeping? Many of us turn on the TV … and eventually start seeing advertisements and commercials for sleep aids.

One sleep aid in particular, Rozerem, was shown to be no better than a placebo in medical testing. Nonetheless, its sales shot up 60% after an aggressive ad campaign centered around late-night television commercials.

Pharmaceutical companies are starting to diversify and attack some of the subsets of sleep disorders—specifically different varieties of insomnia—but as with Ambien, these drugs are not without side effects.

They’re not always safe, and they’re not always addressing the core problem that’s keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Fortunately, there’s a more practical, all-natural solution to many sleep disorders …

CBD Holds the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in high quantities in hemp & cannabis plants. It has no intoxicating effects, and no material negative side effects have been observed over the course of some 23,000 clinical studies. And while it’s not a sedative, CBD has been shown to counteract many of the issues that can cause you to lose sleep …

It can help relieve chronic pain—like an aching back—that might keep you awake through the night. Or it might help relieve your anxiety, and keep you from dwelling on your day for hours into the night.

In general, CBD has been shown to reduce insomnia and reduce REM behavior disorder that can prevent people from getting restful REM sleep.

There’s also a link between CBD and improved REM sleep for PTSD sufferers.

Overcome Common Sleep Disorders with Nutraceutical-Infused Full-Spectrum CBD from Medical Mary

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The “Entourage Effect” is what you experience when taking full-spectrum, whole-plant CBD extracts like ours—where the hemp’s various terpenes and cannabinoids synergize together to boost each other’s effect.

By adding a few key nutraceuticals into the mix, we’re able to take that synergy even further; and create a truly unique CBD supplement that will change the way you think about anxiety forever …

Rest Easy and DREAM from Medical Mary

Ease yourself into an all-natural night of rest and relaxation then wake up feeling more refreshed and alive with DREAM from Medical Mary—our calming, full-spectrum CBD oil infused with Melatonin, and the time-honored herbal sleep solutions of Lemon Balm and Valerian Root.


Melatonin: is the body’s natural compound used to manage the sleep/wake cycle. By combining supplemental melatonin with the calming power of CBD, DREAM helps ensure you’ll get the sleep you need, when you need it.

"lemon balm

Lemon Balm: is a well-known nutraceutical herb that has been used since the Dark Ages to help sooth anxiety & promote sleep—with impressive results

Valerian Root

Valerian Root: Another herbal solution for sleep, this one commonly used since the time of Ancient Greece and Rome to relieve insomnia, nervousness, stress and even headaches.