The Private Label Difference

The Private Label Difference

Medical Mary stands above the competition because we focus on unique and custom formulations regarding private labeling. This is especially important in the health and wellness industry, where CBD products are highly demanded. Private labelers need to be able to trust their supplier to provide quality ingredients and innovative products that will help their business succeed. Private label products also require custom packaging, which we can provide.

We set ourselves apart from other private labelers because our team of experts, pharmacists, and scientists develop each product formulation. We work with you to determine the right ingredients for your target market. That way, you can be confident you’re providing your customers with a product that is safe, effective, and compliant with all regulations.

Beyond that, we can produce any quantity of products that you need. Just our production capabilities.

We Got It All

Medical Mary can help your company produce CBD products with a wide variety of flavors, shapes or sizes. With our NSF GMP registered facility, we offer fully-automated lines for capsule production as well as semi-automated ones that are suitable for tablets & powders depending on the project requirements.

We have everything you need to package your CBD products in time! 

We offer multiple bottling line options from powder filling all way down through liquid fills so we can provide private label packaging solutions that meet any budget or specifications needed by our customers; including automated stick pack sealing machines if they’re looking into smaller runs than typically seen at larger manufacturers.

Product MOQ
Encapsulation 29.7 Million Capsules Daily
Tableting 3.6 Million Tablets Daily
Bottling 165K Bottles Daily
Powder Filling 27K Bottles Daily
Liquid Filling 15K-24K Bottles Daily
Stick Packs & Sachets 30K Packs Daily
High Volume Mixing 39K kg Daily

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